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Screaminq Skylights

I don't like dreary posts on other blogs. So i don't read them no more.

I mean, what can i do if you're so upset and all you choose to do is confide in others when my arms are wide open for you?

Doesn't it matter to you. I guess it doesn't.

Screaminq SkyLights

I know perfectly why my sister has doubts for me & i'm not going to stop her from snooping around in my life because i know i deserve it. I'm sorry for the past & all my lies, making you two always worried/really (very) upset with me. Trust takes a long time to build. I'm building it up bit by bit, as much as possible. One day, i just hope we'll be buddies like before. Have tiffs over food every now & then. (:

Don't give up on me yet.



who has onsugar?

aniione got onsugar blog?

Writer's Block: Most memorable concert

What was the most memorable concert you ever attended? What made it so magical?
NeverShoutNever & 30h!3 
i luv their music(:
at art class blah :\ not suppose to be usinq the laptops, but who gives a fawk? yah know whats so cool? this year we got new laptops, that have cameras in them! we get to take piccs & make videos+webcam how awesumm is that?? totally :D Ok.
I knew that I have some problem with what to say and what
not to say.
And a few days ago, what I have said was not so smart as
it was not neccessary and it ended up making me loose a
chance to get what I wanted.
It wasn't being too honest. It was being so stupid..
Yeah, I tend to say somethings without thinking or
planning, which is often absolutely not neccessary.

I need to know which one to share and which one to keep.
I shall not offer what I cannot really promise or did not
plan. I sometimes like offering stuff to others too much.

I learned it in a very hard way. Ive got Nuffinq to do- summ one messege mii>?(;

Dish the Dirt On A Hawtie.

Okayy, soo; i went to the movies on Saturday. It was fun. It
started out as just two people going, myself, and a friend i
went to school with, Sam. Then Sam text me asking if one of
her friends could go as well. Since i knew the guy; actually
i dated the guy, i said sure. That made three. She invited a
friend, so i did, only that friend took his girlfriend. Bummer.

Introducing Mike:

Blond hair, blue eyes, tanned, built, great personality, and
sexy to boot.

What a change; from that chubby kid i dated two years
before... to that. Wow

On top of everything i mentioned before, he was very nice.
When i was cold, he gave me his sweater, things like that.  =]

Soo since its been two years since i actually had a decent
conversation with Mike, we started to talk. With some input
from Sam. The other two were in a store; so its not like
they were left out.

Turns out Mike has a girlfriend. Of course. BUT he has also
dated 58 different girls in four years.

If you think that's not bad...

He's had sex with 32 on them. To make this more interesting;
When i dated him, he was a virgin. So he has had that many
girls, in TWO YEARS.

Yeah, thought so. Gross eh. What a bummer.


I stayed over to Sam's on Sunday; she has her own place, her
and a room mate, Steph. That's okayy, i get along well
enough with her. But turns out Steph is totally hooked on
Mike, and slept with him the night after she met him. BWT,
she had a boyfriend at the time.
When i walked in, Mike was laid across the couch, and Steph
was practically sitting on top of him, trying to get close
to him. When he seen me, he pushed Steph away, stood up, and
came over to talk to me. Yay i feel special, haha.

We end up walking down to a corner store, its literally down
the street. At the store Mike bought a car magazine, along
with a few other things.

When we got back to the apartment, Steph ran to the couch,
sat down, and than looked up to Mike, expecting him to sit
beside her, instead Mike took the one seater, Sam sat beside
her, and i laid down on the been-bag-chair. Mike was showing
me the cars, and telling me what engine is in them etc.
since i took Auto i knew what he was talking about. =]

Somehow, while we were looking at the magazine, he ended up
lying beside me. haha. Steph started shouting like a 8 year
old, showing her grandmother a new puppy. Seriously. she
started blasting music, and jumping around. Laughing at
everything, including the lamp. When Mike got up to use the
washroom, i sat in the chair he was in. He offered to give
me a back massage if he could have the chair. I laughed it
off, telling him he just wanted an excuse to touch me. I did
end up giving him the chair, but not for a back massage. lol.

Mike ended up leaving shortly after that. but not before he
told me to msg him sometime. XD

Obviously, Steph went to bed after that. Sam not long after.
At about 3 i got a text msg from Mike, and we were talking
for about 30 mins.

I explained to him, that he is a friend, there would have
been more, but i don't like the fact that he slept with 32
different girls. He was cool with it.
He actually called me last night, asking me to hang out as
friends. I told him not tonight, i was out. it was true.
Even if it wasn't, Mike is not a person i would hang out
with one on one. He would never do anything i wouldn't want,
but; i know i am a big flirt [i flirt with everyone, even
Sam's dad. lmao], and i wouldn't want him to think my
flirting meant something, and try to pull a move. At least
with other friends around, i know he wouldn't.

One more thing. Mike sounds hot on the phone, haha

._ .


Someday everything will all make sense, so for now, laugh
at all the confusion, smile through the tears, and keep
reminding yourself that everything happens for a reason.

Writer's Block: Would you want a do-over?

Given the choice, would you start this day over again? How about this month or this year?
Deffinatly this day, coz me & mii friends skipped school and did so much fun stufftogether x]



you're not going to get it.. if you're reading this and
you're not me (unlikely)

.ive had sex, but not really.
.i should have never broken up with ryan
.i will never be over him...
.maybe not even matt.
.i think kevin's a little gay.. literally.. i think he
tries to imagine me as a boy.
.its the way he treats me.
.i want him to stop.
.i really want to break up with him.
.i have tiny 'things' for ruben
.and patrick
.they will never be anything.
.i will never, nor can i, let go of my pathetic fucking

Do you think men or women are more likely to cheat if they know they won't get caught? Do you believe in marriage?
ofcoarse they would , lol
& i dont beleive in weddinqs, the whole idea of putting a dress on and having to be with the same person ferr the rest of yurr life creeps me out :O